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EnterChina – we conquer Chinese market for you. Virtual gateway to Chinese market for Western companies. Our comprehensive e-commerce and e-marketing solutions help companies to start or to expand their businesses into China’s Internet reaching more then a billion customers. We believe that the Chinese can become your customers and that money can start to flow in the other direction.

We specialize in Chinese Website Design and Development including chinese domain and hosting in China, Baidu SEO and sponsored links – Baidu PPC, Chinese Social Media, Mobile Marketing in China, Chinese Online PR and WOM Marketing, Targeted Online Ads and Chinese branding. We also offer SEO friendly Chinese Translation and Copywriting Service, Chinese Customer Liaison and Support Service. We can also help you to manage requests made by your customers or distributors from China.


There are more then 720 million Chinese internet users and the number is constantly growing. China is the largest e-commerce market in the world with annual turnover of USD 590 billion.

We all got used to that Internet is a world without borders however entering Chinese Internet market is a real challenge. Not only there is a language barrier but also the fact that most Western websites are not visible in China – http://www.gov.cn/. The reason for that is the Great Firewall of China. On top of that Chinese Internet users differ significantly from the ones in the West. They have their own search engine Baidu and do not use Google, they use chinese equivalent Facebooka – facebook.com, YouTube – youtube.com and all other social media platforms.

I have been working in e-comerce since 2006 and for more then two years I organized online presence in China for high-end jewelry manufacturer from Hong Kong. I know that no one can better understand the needs of Chinese customers then the Chinese themselves because for them the best solutions are natural and obvious. Therefore EnterChina is a team of Chinese experts who have a vast experience on a local Internet market and Western e-commerce and e-marketingu specialists who understand the needs of Western companies. We merge western style management with Chinese native online marketers. We have a solid understanding of China’s internet world and Chinese internet users, and can help you to reach your business goals in the booming China’s market.

I believe that Western companies can not only become present on Chinese market but also achieve real financial success on it. Join us!

Business architect Michal Krzywiak – founder at EnterChina

Michał Krzywiak EnterChina